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Q&A Session

For those of you who missed the online webinar, all of the questions and answers from the event can be viewed below! 

Q: Should I submit a single design or a repeating pattern?

  • A: Please submit a repeating pattern

Q: Do chosen artists retain the copyright to their work?

  • A: Of course.

Q: How many pattern designs can I submit?

  • A: Each entrant can submit up to five entries. 

Q: What format should our design be submitted in?

  • A: Please submit all designs in .jpeg or .pdf form. 

Q: Do all pattern designs have to be made digitally? 

  • A: Not at all. If you complete your work in watercolor or a different medium, that is totally fine. We just need high-resolution images of your work in a .pdf or .jpeg format. 

Q: How many cash prizes will there be?

  • A: There will be 15 cash prizes distributed, ranging from $100-$1,000.

Q: What types of designs should we submit?

  • A: Aesthetic, minimalist, and repeating patterns. A lot of the girls who wear braces said they would prefer a pastel color palette. 

Q: When is the deadline?

  • A: March 30th, 2022.

Q: Are the back braces made of plastic or fabric? 

  • A: They are made of plastic.

Q: Is this the first year emBrace is hosting a competition? 

  • A: Yes! This is our first year hosting a competition 

Q: Where can I contact you with any questions?

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