How to enter

                Calling all artists, age 16 and older, for the emBrace competition! We need fresh new pattern designs. We are looking for modern fashionable patterns. The winning pattern designs will be transferred onto the surface of back braces and worn by teenage girls.


Media: Digital media, graphic design, web print, pattern design 


  • Junior (16-19 years old)

  • Adult (20+ years old) 

Winning entries are eligible for cash prizes totaling $5,000. Additionally, their pattern will be included in the upcoming Friddles back brace design collection. View more information about awards and cash prizes by clicking on the button below. 

**We highly recommend that artists submitting to the competition join our online webinar where a group of brace-wearing women answers questions from entrants. In this webinar, the young women will share what patterns they hope to see in the upcoming competition. This gives artists the opportunity to learn what types of designs young women are looking for as well as the designs they find unflattering. Additionally, view the entry examples to gauge what designs are best. 

Submit Your Design

Upload your work here (Deadline: March 15th). Artwork must be in .pdf or .jpeg format and not exceed 30 MB.

Each entrant may submit up to two designs. 

1. Send designs to

2. Make the subject header 2022 Competition Entry

3. The email should include: 

  • Applicant Name

  • Category (see categories below)

  • Phone number

4. Upload your pattern design as a pdf or jpeg. Feel free to add a name for your design. 



  • ​Junior (16-19 years old)

  • Adult (20+ years old)


Examples of Suitable Entries

Types of Designs We're Looking For

Designs we DON'T want to see

  • Simple, understated

  • Pastel color palette (won't show through clothing)

  • Appealing to tweens (10-15 year-olds)

  • Loud, cartoonish

  • Designs that are visible under clothing

  • Bright colors, neons, dark colors

Don't feel limited by these guidelines we want you to follow your artistic impulses!