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Our Partnerships

Curvy Girls is an international network of scoliosis support groups for teens run by teen girls. This year emBrace is working with Curvy Girls in order to gain a better insight into what improvements need to be made for scoliosis back brace patterns 


Friddles manufactures and distributes orthotic and prosthetic supplies at competitive prices. Winning designs from the emBrace competition will be launched in the upcoming Friddles back brace design collection


Scolios-us is a web-based platform intended to empower patients with the tools and resources they need to be successful brace-wearers


Setting Scoliosis Straight is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to empowering families impacted by scoliosis through education, connection, and research. Their mission is to support discoveries and advance techniques in the treatment of scoliosis in children and adolescents worldwide.


Scoliosis & Spine Online Learning is an education platform for professionals to teach others about scoliosis. They have members from over 90 countries and are dedicated to improving patient care for scoliosis patients.  

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